Monday, June 13, 2011

Pon De Replay: The Players Club

I'm a self-proclaimed movie buff. I will watch anything. That's right, I said anything. Well, at least give anything a chance. Often times I discover diamonds in the cinematic rough...

Though Ivorii and I hit up the movie theater once a week, my DVD player is rarely off. I love movies and watch them at leisure. From time to time, I will watch a movie I havent seen in a while. When this happens, the post will be entitled Pon De Replay. No Rihanna...

Well, this week I decided to treat myself to the $5 bargain bin at the local Walmart. There were a few movies I wanted to load up with, but I ended up settling on these three:

The one I was most excited about seeing was The Players Club.

I hadn't seen it in at least 7 years but I quote it regularly and remember it being pretty damn funny thanks to A.J. Johnson and Bernie Mac.

Just like anything else, things aren't always what they seem, or rather, what you remember them to be and I soon realized just how awful this movie is. Despite the star studded cast, the acting is mediocre at best, the storyline is ludicrous and the characters have no depth and many border on being complete clowns.

Basically it's just a bad movie.
Still, I'm glad I got it. Theres nothing like a good bad movie. This will definitely be in heavy rotation in my DVD player as one of my black cinema guilty pleasures...

Tell your daddy to quit paging me... Free Faizon!


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